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SQL Server Database Project and Database Source Control

One the features long sought after by developers is a reliable and easy way to maintain source control on SQL Server databases. Especially on Agile projects where multiple developers are making changes to a database schema at the same time, database source control is an absolute necessity.

Fortunately, Microsoft now provides a tool to synchronize schema changes across databases and store the change history in source control. This tool is availble in Visual Studio 2010 and is called the SQL Server 2008 Database Project.

Format a DateTime as a Facebook-style date with Months, Days, Hours, Minutes Ago

When you post a status update on Facebook, instead of showing you the exact date/time when you posted, the default view of Facebook is to show you the amount of minutes, hours, days, and even months since the post occurred similar to this screenshot from Facebook.

Getting Started with .NET Entity Framework

Entity Framework is one of my Micrsoft's new recommended ways to build a data access layer. It provides a lot of flexibility in allowing you to control your database model, easily update your model, and automatically generates a wrapper on your database model so that you can access all of your tables as objects (called Entities).

ASP.NET Programatically Add META Keywords and META Description Tags

One important part of any ASP.NET page is adding a META Keywords and META description tag to the HEAD section of the page. Many search engines place significant weight on the presence of these two tags.

There is some disagreement between SEO experts on how much weight is actually put on these tags by search engines like Google, but it is generally accepted that these tags should be present on any page that you wish search engines to index. Unfortunately, this is usually an after thought for many ASP.NET projects.

ASP.NET 301 Redirect for Search Engine Compliant Redirects

There are lots of ways in ASP.NET to redirect to a different page. When a page has been indexed by a search engine at a specific URL, you will be getting traffic from that search engine to that URL. But what if you need to move this content somewhere else or need to change the URL of the page?